We Believe CRM Should be simple

Let us do the work so you don’t have to

Simple to use, Not Simple Minded

The brains behind Votenza weren’t born yesterday and neither were the Votenza products. This is not a startup and is backed by decades of automotive industry experience.

After nearly 20 years at Votenza, we’ve found that over engineered systems don’t get used properly and end up causing more headache than help. That’s why our motto is:

Simply…It Works.

truly one-of-a-kind

There are 3 types of companies: those that know your name when you call, but the product is always “missing” something. Those that have the “latest & greatest”, but give you a ticket number when you call.

Then there’s Votenza.

It’s not just our cutting edge PowerPlan work plan that make Votenza unique. It’s our ability to provide our customers with innovative technology, while still delivering the level of customer service only found at 5-star boutique hotels.

We can make that happen

CRM. ILM. Sales Marketing.

Equity Mining. Service Retention.

Votenza’s products can be used alone, or can be combined to create a seamless, SIMPLE, & complete solution for your dealership.

Large Enterprise Groups?

Centralized BDC Centers?

No matter your situation,

we can make that happen.

More Than a CRM

Votenza finds the best customers, then segments & disperses calls into manageable work plans. No sorting laundry lists of customers, no guess work, just sales.

Actionable Work plan

PowerPlanElite does the heavy lifting for you. Every day, your sales staff will have manageable PowerPlan work plans waiting for them. Serving up your most valuable customers. At the right time, with the right message. Every time.

Meet PowerDesk

At a glance, know exactly what’s going on in your showroom, on the internet, & on your phones. From any device, anywhere, anytime.

Everything you need to work a deal from start to finish is one-click away: record the demo, desk the deal, print forms, record your sale.

What’s holding up this deal?

What’s the next step after the customer leaves without buying?

All the information you need to make actionable decisions
at your fingertips.

VotenzaCRM Makes Empowering Managers Simple.

On the Go?

Don’t be glued to a computer screen. Votenza goes where you go with a SIMPLE, intuitive mobile app.

If It's Not In Votenza, It Didn't Happen

Who sent that email? What call?
Where did that text go?
Every keystroke, communication, and record
change is tracked permanently in Votenza’s
customer profiles.

Nothing is deleted. Ever.

Simple Desking

Get the job done, and get it done quickly.
Votenza’s DealCalc Desking Tool is designed to get numbers in front of a customer in as few mouse clicks as possible.

Love your current Desking Tool? That’s fine, Votenza integrates with most Desking Tools.

Simple Texting

Your sales agents can continue texting from their cell phones, except you’ll have complete visibility into what’s being (or not) said.

The best part? When an agent leaves, any future texts to that agent will be redirected to a new agent. Keeping your customers at your store, even when employees leave.

Simple Email

Do you know your open rate? The biggest challenge with emails today is getting your customers to see them. The SPAM box can break any deal.

We’ve taken care of the tech side so you can get responses; responses lead to appointments, appointments lead to sales.

Where does SPAM lead? No where.

Simple Calling

Tired of accepting excuses? Know that your agents have the simplest system to use & eliminate the excuse to not record their calls. Let’s be honest, we both know why they don’t want you auditing their calls…

It’s not just about your agents performance; is Votenza working for you? We have nothing to hide and want to give you the tools to make decisions about which vendors are working…and not.

Everything Internet

How many opportunities are you missing?

VotenzaILM has everything you need to manage your internet traffic from start to finish. Work directly from your phone & respond to leads instantly. Monitor your sales reps activity from anywhere, anytime.

VotenzaILM is the perfect solution for independent dealers looking to capitalize on their internet sales.

With VotenzaILM, you’ll never drop the ball again. Continued followup can be set automatically, or set your own reminders. Either way, your opportunities will be organized so they’re never missed or forgotten.

Easy. Affordable. Intuitive.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Scoring? Algorithms? Data Mining?

Don’t get us wrong, today’s technology can help drive traffic and generate sales like never before.

We just believe it should be simple:
Simple to use. Simple to see results.

EquityAccelerator makes getting the most out of your customer base as simple as it gets.

Behind the scenes, EquityAccelerator is targeting the right customer, at the right time, with the right message.

Not looking to Switch CRM’s? Don’t worry, EquityAccelerator works with your existing CRM provider.

Right Customer. Right Time. Right Message.

PowerIndex Score

Using predictive analytics, your customers are given an Intent to Buy score so you can quickly prioritize your day. PowerIndex makes it Simple for your agents to sort & manage customers, allowing them to focus on those most likely to purchase.

Data Mining Simplified

Every day, your agents will have a manageable workplan waiting for them with only the best customers to call. They’ll have everything they need to present a vehicle & payment at their fingertips. With Contact Details & Reasons to Call clearly displayed, your reps will never have to guess what they’re going to talk about.
They can even print out a Cheat Sheet before greeting customers on the service lane.

Real Time Service Arrival Alerts

Know the second your best customer arrives in the service lane. Real time alerts can be sent instantly to the assigned sales rep or designated managers. With real time alerts no opportunity will be missed.

Time & Mileage Reminders



Slow Days & Half Days



Lost Service


Sold, Never Serviced


Decline Service





Simple. Streamlined. Effective.

Service Managers pull their hair out trying to determine which vendors are communicating with their customers, which they should keep, and which to stop.

Stop guessing and start generating service revenue with Votenza’s Retention1 program. A structured, relevant marketing plan that prevents missed opportunities.
Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.

Simply Call

Sure, everyone makes the “great customer service” claim.

At Votenza, we take hands-on customer service to the next level. With 24/7 support there’s always someone to take your call, or immediately return your call. There are not ticket numbers and support is never outsourced. You’ll always be greeted by real people who really know the system. Have a problem? Simply call, email, or chat.

Don’t take our word for it though…

It's Simple.

Switch Today.


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